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Dimitris Papaioannou

Dimitris Papaioannou is a genius of performing arts. It’s one of those cases that if I start describing his work, you’ll exclaim “Ah! That’s him!”. And you admire him!

Although you can read details about his impressive CV on Wikipedia and his personal website, I’ll tell you a few things in my own words; Dimitris Papaioannou is a Greek artist, who studied Fine Arts in Athens, began his career as a visual artist and comic book creator and became internationally acclaimed. Meanwhile he was fond of dancing and he was trained as a dance performer in New York. Since then he created marvellous performances worldwide. His best known work, is as Creative Director of the Opening Ceremony of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Ah! Now you know what I’m talking about!

image Dimitris Papaioannou

His latest play is a dance theatre performance in Athens & Epidaurus Festival called “Primal Matter”, where he’s performing along with Michael Theophanous. A nude man and a dressed one, both trying to balance on stage concepts of identity, time and unity. Papaioannou has become a master of narrating through human bodies. There is an almost architectural approach in which his characters relate to each other. You have the chance to see “Primal Matter” during your vacation in Greece this summer.

PRIMAL MATTER / Athens 2013 performances with Dimitris Papaioannou + Michael Theophanous / Trailer Compilation from Dimitris Papaioannou on Vimeo.

Dimitris Papaioannou was generous enough to send me a translated in English version of his comic “Heart-shaped Earth” which was published in 1993 on Greek comic magazine Babel. “Heart-shaped Earth” is the story of a man and the lovers he meets on his travels around the globe.

You can enjoy the clip of “Primal Matter” and the “Heart-shaped Earth” comic, here. You might need to watch/read again these works, just in case you lose your focus. I’m just saying! :)


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photo © John Mitropoulos

In which country would you like to live now? With naked habitants of course.

 In Switzerland being surrounded by nude Neapolitans.”

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photos © John Mitropoulos

What turns you on sexually?

Renaissance paintings. As a boy, I was browsing pictures with nudes in the encyclopedia and I was fantasizing with classical statues. But when it comes to reality I get turned on by signs of imperfection.”

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photo © John Mitropoulos

"Why your career is not international yet?

Probably because I have no manager. I’m not good at PR. Promoting myself is a job I’m not good at.”

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model: John Mitropoulos, photo: © John Mitropoulos

"Some famous photographers, fuck with their models, do you?

No, I never had a sexual contact with a model I have worked with. I’m referring to professional ones. I have and had such relations with people that took part in pictures I’ve taken, but these were my partners or lovers, not professional models. I’m saying this because one might consider anyone who poses for a picture a model . They are too perfect to stimulate me sexually. Knowing that someone is a model makes me lose my sexual interest.”

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John Mitropoulos, the amplifier of elegance

Browsing my timeline on Tumblr lately, I’ve noticed John Mitropoulos photography spins around the screens  of boys and girls through their (re) micro-blogs. 

Try to set his name as an image Google search term with safe filter off. Your browser will get a wonderful mosaic wallpaper with elegant figures and a color contrast of retro glossy fashion magazines, reinvented. 

John Mitropoulos is not only a photographer anymore. Although his work has been very successful in the Greek media, his creations as a director of music videos get more and more appealing to the public and the local pop stars. The latter know very well how John is a style amplifier and that he can prettify both them and their work. 

I have to mention that he could be a professional model as well, but he’s not and he doesn’t act like one.

We had a drink near Parthenon in Athens, Greece where he currently lives.

John MitropoulosJohn Mitropoulos © John Mitropoulos

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