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Nickie’s sexy and twisted illustrations

The first time my eyes were exposed to a Nickie’s illustration, there was a multilevel response; it started with a pitty feeling about the guy I was viewing, rapidly followed by a small shock causing laughter, then there was a sudden need to lay on a psychoanalyst’s couch ending very quickly in over secretion of saliva. Whatever the succession of your own reactions is, you can’t easily forget what you saw and you can’t wait until you see the next one. This is why this talented guy from Canada got very popular and was loved so quickly. In my fantasy, the ideal way to interview Nickie would be him hanging with belts from the roof while milking his answers on an audience of Pokemons. Of course none of this happened in the real world so here’s what he answered to my questions.

Many of your followers, including me, of course, are fascinated with your works and we’re really wondering; are you human? are you from this dimension? are you a gay male?

lol! I am definitely from Earth as far as I remember. A regular android who had been fond of the male body ever since he was a child. As for orientation, I’m homosexual but with a small chance of being 10% heterosexual. Why do I say this? Probably because the very first person I ever fell in love with was a high school female freshman classmate. I’ll never forget that girl.

Nickie rhymes with many other words, why did you choose hickie?

Well there’s just so much more sexual images associated with a hickie/hickey. Being seen with one is pretty embarrassing. And I guess I like to embarrass the guys I draw in one way or another.

I would say your illustrations are mainly gay bear erotic/bara with a (surreal) twist. Is this also the way you behave on bed?

Surreal twist eh? If there’s one thing in my illustrations that would reflect my behaviour in bed is that I like the idea of being watched voyeuristically.

What do you eat for breakfast and how does that affect your inspiration?

Whatever I can eat. I’m not picky. haha! Probably why I’m so random with my stuff.

Do you meditate (often)?

Sadly meditation is a luxury I rarely afford to have the time to do. Especially with the amount of stress I get with my current real job.

The drunk guy with Jigglypuff, destroyed some of mine’s and my friend’s brain cells and it is turned to a success over Tumblr and generally, over the Internet. Really, what were you thinking when you were drawing this?

Pokemon naturally. Hahaha! Nah, seriously, I was merely trying to just be random and fill space and for some reason Jigglypuff was the first thing to enter my mind. I’m like, “Hey, a sleeping guy, why not a put Jigglypuff? That’ll get the viewer’s imagination going.”Dreaming Drunkard, Copyright © Nickie

If you wanted to create a superhero, what would be his main superpower? would he be a villain?

Oh it has to be a superhero and his superpower should be something that burns or tears his clothes off so when he reverts back to his human state, he’d be stark naked in front of the crowd he just saved. A very sexy ending to a rescue. hahaha!

Almost all of the guys you draw, someone could say, they’re either the same person or are very close relatives. Is it you or is it your ideal partner? Or there’s no difference in these two (yourself and the ideal partner)?

I don’t think I look like any of the guys I’ve drawn, but some people say “every painter paints himself” so that might account to something. But that actually makes me a bit sad though that they are looking a bit similar. I’m trying to avoid that but I guess it’s hard to avoid it with me when I have an ideal look you love. Ultimately though, yes, I’m drawing the ideal guy(s) I want to be with.

Are you a Leo?

Yup! And funny enough I do think I fall into the characteristics astrologers say Leos possess.

What are the attributes you have that describe you as a Diva, as you say you are?

I’m picky, choosy. I usually like things to go my way. hehe. I’ll throw a tantrum if rubbed the wrong way. In some ways I’m like a child.

Are you self taught illustrator?

Yep… Always loved drawing ever since I was a kid. I decided I wanted to do this seriously so I self-studied human anatomy. I’m still far from learning it all.

Are there any plans to publish a book with your work or if you had a good proposition from a publisher, would you think seriously about it?

I never ever planned to make a book in all honesty. ‘Cuz I was just illustrating as a hobby, but so many people have asked me that I have now considered to publish one if the opportunity arises (from a publisher or whoever). I’m just not sure I have enough stuff to warrant an entire book though. I’ll try to churn out more stuff and maybe in the future, I’d feel more comfortable in publishing one.

Where would you mostly like to live and how?

In a place where there is a visible and vibrant art scene. Couldn’t care less where but so far I don’t feel that where I’m living at the moment. Either that or I’m just not hanging with the right crowd. lol! Though I’d like to spend some months in a nice warm tropical climate country once in a while.

Would you date a superhero?

Hell yeah! Whenever he is available.

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